Old news burning with ubuntu 14.04 & Imgburn with WINE

October 15, 2014

Needed to restore my backup copy as my original is for keeps (collectors item, well soon) and with a 2yr old I don’t want it destroying any time soon

install wine from the software centre and then download the EXE file for imgburn, wine config select windows XP and OK

general settings for burning your backup can be found anywhere on the internet (latest version I’m using is 2013 with the IHAS liteon drive)

When I opened up imgburn the drive wasn’t found so go into settings I/O and select the top option ATAPI 

then issues finding the DISC just persist and keep trying a different disc till it loads it (I’ve had issues in the past but retrying seems to cure it EVEN with Verbatim’s)

after plenty of FAFFING the disc went through the burning procedure and maybe we might get a backup FIFA14 again

my old DELL studio 1737 has an ESATA connection and works well with the LITEON IHAS drive needs separate power option

Burning Xbox360 iso backups with ubuntu

October 5, 2014

Wrecked my copy of fifa14 and wished I’d made a backup 😦 so borrowing one and need to burn a copy

guide here (not my work just copy and pasting)

The new Fifa 14 launched – awesome game

September 27, 2013

Fifa do things right every time go get it from the shop asap

Friday is always a good day

IHAS STUFF YOU NEED (memory jogger)

November 5, 2012

This site has the stuff required for your IHAS drive HERE http://codeguys.rpc1.org/ (v6.2.0)

Eeprom reader and flash utilities required for settings and clearing OPC on the drive

run the files through abgx360 to check region / stealth and patch security

RROD fix – ebay is your friend

March 17, 2012

http://xboxdiy.blogspot.co.uk/ info on installing his kit here

Ihas burning errors – 50% fail

December 18, 2011

some good info on the xbox scene site settings might just work out check them out here


I use these settings now, recommended by Lightning UK (the creator of ImgBurn): –

1. Clear OPC history using EEPROM Utility and power cycle the drive.

2. Enable Smart Burn and Force Hyper Tuning.

3. Disable Over Speed Writing and Online Hyper Tuning.

4. Disable OPC in ImgBurn.

5. Burn at 4X.

In your case, as you just started using a new spindle of discs, it could be a bad batch, but give those settings a try anyway

Dashboard updates

November 30, 2011

for reference updating your xbox360 without an internet connection


Hitachi 78 – you ideally need a new burner for your backups

Liteon IHAS124B 24x Sata Drive – XDG3 iXtreme Ready  – how to upgrade info here